Fire & Glory, Karachi, Pakistan Mission Trip

This October Pastor Keith P Hudson and Deacon Andre’ Knight will be joining Prophet Charlie Shamp in Pakistan. There will be three Days of Open Air Crusade, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached with miracles, signs & wonders. This is the last Crusade for the year of 2019.
For those that will want to give to this mission you can do so by sowing into the mission field on your envelop or through push pay. The total cost for this trip is $4000 (two individuals) for the seven days. Your donations have also provided much needed items for the people. Most of all allowing the gospel of the Kingdom to be preached, releasing the power of God to be demonstrated. Also, because of your giving, increased blessings are already coming to you and you are now a partaker of God’s heavenly rewards.
Consuming Fire Christian Center will be sending those who qualify with Prophet Shamp on next year Crusades. He is looking for people that are seasoned in the Word of God and people of prayer. Therefore, we will be starting some teaching on mission fields and a mission fund to assist with those that may want to go.

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