Malawi Mission Trip


On behalf of Consuming Fire Christian Center leadership, I want to thank everyone for giving and help sponsor the BLANTYRE, MALAWI Africa crusade for Co-pastor Bernadette, Elder Valerie Knight and Minister D.N. Isadore with Prophet Charlie Shamp. Your giving was not in vain.

Our giving from the heart into God’s purpose is where increase comes from. Your giving is being used to feed the hungry, clothe them, help pay for travel to the destination where God has sent them for a Kingdom Invasion. Your donations have also provided much needed items for the people in the villages. Most of all allowing the gospel of the Kingdom to be preached, releasing the power of God to be demonstrated. Also, because of your giving, increased blessings are already coming to you and you are now a partaker of God’s heavenly rewards.

They have already encountered the witch doctors, the sick, the blind, the deaf and people with no hope. They are laying hands on the sick and people are getting healed immediately. They are preaching the gospel of the Kingdom throughout the villages, they are leading the villagers into praise and worship. They are also going from house to house in the villages introducing the Kingdom of God with Holy Ghost power.

Let’s continue to pray and intercede for them. They will be sending a list of healings, pictures and videos of them doing ministry. Click below for the first set of pictures.

Click here for the latest photos and videos

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