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Your Support Can Change the Life of a Child

When you sponsor a child, you’re helping to ensure they can grow up healthy, learning and safe. Too many children in Pakistan. As a sponsor, you can help change that.

When you sponsor a child, you’re not only helping to support a girl or boy as they grow and learn. Your monthly support gets combined with the support of other sponsors – ultimately helping Save the Children ensure that all children – regardless of whether they have a sponsor – are receiving the life-changing benefits of sponsorship.

When you chose to sponsor a child, you can consider things like the age, gender and location of the child. Once matched, you’ll receive a welcome kit that includes more information about your sponsored child, including a photo and information about how you’re changing lives in your sponsorship community.

As you watch your ongoing support work to transform the life of your child, you’ll continue to get updates on how your sponsorship is making an incredible difference.

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