Marriage and Family Ministry


Pastors Vincent E. and Cindy A. Warren

We are experienced counselors specializing in meeting the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each couple. We provide the following services: child & family, pre-marital classes, marriage & couples counseling, and group therapy. The counseling we offer is based on the specific needs of the client and provides a sound foundation in the word of God. We counsel people from all faiths and religious orientations, including those with no orientation at all. Our vision is to help each client live healthy and productive lives through the empowerment and application of God’s word.

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The Marriage and Family ministry wants to provide support, enhancement and resolutions when standing for existing marriage, and those that are divorced/ separate or single. By standing in faith and obedience on the power and promise of God’s written Word, marriage can be enhanced and restoration. Singles can also prepare themselves for marriage.

  • So our marriage ministry promotes the basic biblical principles of faith regarding marriage and divorce/separation.
  • We’re assure you that God supernaturally upholds HIS Holy covenant of marriage and that standing for marriage in His will.
  • We have invaluable information based on experience, the Word of God and living through the up and down side of marriage.
  • Those that are single can prepare themselves for the convenant of marriage

We encourage you to come out and became a part of the center piece of the Kingdom – Marriage and Family!

Jesus declared that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD and that IF WE BELIEVE, we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer, walking by faith, standing in obedience and ignoring everything we hear and see. Stand in agreement with the promise of God’s Word for marriage!

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