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Consuming Fire Christian Center Dream Card


This four page card will help you through the Word of God interpret your dreams. It provides basic guidelines to determine the source of your dreams. A prayer to be open to the dream realm. Basic symbols in a dream to interpret its meaning. Job 33:14 – 17

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Divine Inspirations: Words of God’s Love and Grace


Through years of hardship and struggles God continues to show that He is truly a loving and merciful God. Divine Inspirations: Words of God’s Love and Grace written by Cindy A. Warren received inspired spoken words from God in loving poetry, reminding her of His promises. This book expresses the inseparable love that God truly has for all of His creation. Divine Inspirations: Words of God’s Love and Grace is not simply a book, but a series of love letters from God to His children. This is truly art that will minister love unto your soul with each and every poem.

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The Encouragement Encyclopedia


Detroit native, Nelson A. Henry, is a sought-after servant leader whose purpose and passion is to help others discover, develop and display their abilities in every area of their lives. For more than 25 years across diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, he has used practical principles that boost morale, foster inspiration and outline strategies for success.

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Visitations of Angels & Other Supernatural Encounters Volume II


Today God is releasing innumerable legions of His angels endued with His glory and power into the earth. These heavenly angelic beings are invading our space to co-labor with us and help us release the Kingdom of God in our lives. Just as individuals on the earth have specific trades, skills, or areas of expertise, God’s angels also have specialized areas of expertise that they operate in for you and yours. That is one reason that so many people are having angelic encounters today. The Lord is stirring up people’s spirits to search for His angels. Many people supernaturally sense that God is busy releasing more and more of His angelic host into the earth today.

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